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Accumulation (of adaptations)
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Accumulation (of adaptations) discrimination necessary
Discrimination must be used
Retroactive inhibition quantative estimate
5416 5417
Summary: A trajectory may be reducible (into parts that are unconditionally good or bad). 5462, 5532, 5537, 5573, 5675
Accumulation (of adaptations) reducibility implied
Essential variables when reducible
Reducibility of outcome
5430 5431
Summary: Reducibility in a set of trajectories, 5441, 5528, 5537, 5626
Accumulation (of adaptations) fundamental rule
Iterated systems how much iteration?
The Multistable System [117]: How should the multistable system be didvided? - So that each irreducible "Good" has its own ultrastable system. 5436.
The Multistable System [118]: Fundamental rule for the multistable system: if the major "Good" is to be obtained by the accumulation of minor "goods", then each minor good should have an ultrastable system to itself. 5436.
Experience and learning structure
Plasticity and gaining structure
Structure learning external structure
5436 5437

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Summary: Habituation.
Accumulation (of adaptations) rate of
Equilibrium rate of accumulation
Habituation rate of accumulation
5490 5491
Summary: Axiom that the "typical member" identifies the sub-set and the constraint.
Constraint identified by 'typical member'
Accumulation (of adaptations) mechanism necessary
Adaptation mechanism for cumulative adaptation
5756 5757
Summary: Mechanisms for memory may well vastly outnumber those for action
Memory may far exceed action
Summary: Essential variables for adaptation by accumulation.
Accumulation (of adaptations) essential variables for
Essential variables for accumulation of adaptation
5766 5767
Summary: Complexity of remembering old adaptations is independent of complexity within one adaptation.
Accumulation (of adaptations) number of variables
Cortex size of
Arc ? many
5768 5769
Summary: My proof (that adaptation demands step-functions) demands in fact only that there must be entities having a step-function aspect. This aspect may be one that is by no means obvious in the real object. 5781.7
Accumulation (of adaptations) in multistable system
The Multistable System [129]: Multistable system re-specified to separate the aspect of :- (1) Having many almost independent essential variables. (2) Having SFs (step functions) separated into sets. 5775.
5774 5775

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Summary: Example of the coordination that exists at a state of equilibrium. 6350
Accumulation (of adaptations) may demand chance localisation
Dispersion must be random (!)
Gating necessary
Localisation must be random
Memory must be random
Quotations [60]: Claude Bernard, 6165.
6164 6165
Summary: Form all mappings, and you are performing all pattern-recognitions. 6346
Mapping and pattern recognition
Vacillant of mapping
Accumulation (of adaptations) demands separate channels
6226 6227

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