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Arc arcs, distributions in multistable system
Equilibrium essential organisation for
Organisation for equilibrium
0541 0542

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Summary: A slight tendency within the nervous system can easily be magnified to a maximal change in the effectors.
Arc algebra for arcs
Stimulus algebra of compound stimulus
Stimulus compound
2701 2702

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Summary: In a system of part-functions there are no 'parts' only distributed activations.
Additive adaptation and relation to environment
Arc multiple arcs traversing environment
Environment must be traversed multiply
Society [36]: The various members of a society should not have to judge the efficacy of their individual efforts by watching a common indicator 3140.
The Multistable System [97]: The different 'arcs' of the multistable system should traverse the environment by different routes. 3140.
3139 3140
Arc in 'cortex' of DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System)
3285 3286
Arc needs no feedback
Cortex needs no feedback
Feedback not in cortex
Summary: The nervous system should not have internal feedbacks (unless for special reasons) But see 3396. Confirm 3425, 3521
3355 3356
Summary: How long should an arc be? 3511, 3514, 3557
Arc multiple arcs traversing environment
Orthogonality of control
Equilibrium neutral equilibrium and part-functions
Part-function neutral equation and
3487 3488
Summary: Testing DAMS. 4511
Design empirical
Epistemology of complex systems
Natural Selection [19]: How to improve a very complex system, 3513.
Natural Selection [44]: Method for improving, 3513.
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [36]: How to improve DAMS, 3513.
Arc in 'cortex' of DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System)
3513 3514
Summary: Joining up Essential Variables, Environment, and network. Review 3582
Arc length of
Independence testing for, in DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System)
Neuron numbers of
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [44]: Method of testing for 'illegitamate' and wandering actions, 3562.
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [45]: Number of neurone in monkey's nuclei 3562.
3561 3562
Summary: Representation of a typical environment.
Arc multiply traversing
Environment representation of
3563 3564
Summary: The number of circuits that passes through each valve in DAMS is large.
Arc number of
3569 3570
Summary: The elimination of wrong moves at chess may eliminate too much.
Arc multiple arcs traversing environment
Chess information amplifier
Environment control of
Statistic as random transformation
Transducer random
Transformation random
Summary: Random transformations.
Instinct inate releasing mechanisms in
3629 3630
Selection example
Natural Selection [37]: Illustration of the power of 'mere' selection, 3633.
Arc active and inactive
Arc number of
The Multistable System [92]: The number of arcs that a reaction activates; distribution and average, 3634.
The Multistable System [93]: Number of reactions that will use a given arc; distribution and average, 3634.
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [48]: Numerical estimates of DAMS' efficiency in dispersion, 3634.
3633 3634

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Summary: In exposition, use non-learning systems as examples of organisational facts.
Summary: Arcs breed. ? 4151, 4065
Arc breeding of
The Multistable System [48]: Perhaps arcs in the cortex breed, 4054.
Self-locking system field of
4054 4055
Summary: To study an absolute system of σ states, σ elementary operations are necessary, and they yield σ log σ of information. 4112
Summary: Compare 'adaptation' in the multistable system with 'adaptation' in evolution. (My aim is to show them as identical). 4086, 4071, 4064, 4056, 4036 Reviews: 4136, 4201
Natural Selection [57]: Comparison of adaptation in multistable system with adaptation in natural selection { 4098 - 4112 }.
Arc individual adaptiveness
Natural Selection [57]: Comparison of adaptation in multistable system with adaptation in natural selection { 4098 - 4112 }.
4098 4099
Arc must be active [?]
The Multistable System [62]: Lashley shows that most of the cells of the cortex must be active most of the time. 4188.
Summary: Lashley on learning.
The Multistable System [63]: Discriminative feedback of the multistable system. 4189, 4194.
Quotations [46]: Lashley says that the physiologists studies are very restricted, 4189.
4188 4189

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Arc competition among
Order of time
Organisation implies constancy
The Conditioned Reflex [42]: The multistable system probably promotes competition between it's component arcs, 4426.
Design amount of
4426 4427

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Summary: "Output to an input" is a relation of order, and may give a lattice.
Arc as partly ordered set
Cortex partly ordered arcs in
Input input to output as order
Lattice input to output lattice
Order among arcs
Output output to input, as order
Partly ordered set arcs as partly ordered set
Summary: Complex taps can be easily built by mere conjunction of many simple. 4792
Design of complex tap
Dynamic system for repetitive work
Machine for repetitive regulation
Relay design of
4788 4789
Summary: Proving the existence of hidden variables.
Discrimination in feedback
Feedback discriminative
Arc active and inactive
Memory in discriminative feedback
The Multistable System [89]: In the multistable system there must be parts not activated in each reaction. 4831.
4830 4831
Arc tend to separate
Species origin of
Exponential rate of increase
4862 4863

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Summary: Environments that have to be adapted to fall into two very different classes: those that do, and those that do not, contain a teacher. 5382.6
Environment with teacher
Arc overlap of
5378 5379
Arc to shift or not to shift
The Multistable System [113]: If a change of step-mechanism (due to corrective feedback) makes an arc change place, more space is required. If the change makes an arc change nature but not place, more time is required. 5388.
Summary: Time of adaptation can be cut down if more space is available. The distinct reactions should be sent to distinct places, any one reaction should not change its place during its training. 5410, 5415
Habituation and plasticity
Plasticity in system
Reflex, conditioned and plasticity
5388 5389
Arc must be discriminated
Discrimination must be used
Feedback must be discriminative
The Multistable System [115]: A system that accumulates adaptations must use discrimination in its distribution of corrective feedback. 5410.
Summary: A system that accumulates adaptations with appreciable success must use discrimination in its distribution of corrective feedback. 5415, 5421, 5440, 5610
5410 5411
Summary: Some systems with long cycles. No equilibrium 5455
Cycle of maximal length
Trajectory of maximal length
Arc modified later
Feedback to previous arc
5412 5413
Summary: Remember that an input may work by releasing, to the output, some sub-system within: - the jukebox.
Arc may be released
Iterated systems Wiki
Juke box
Iterated systems Wiki
The Conditioned Reflex [46]: Conditioned reflex may use any response that is not too flexible / not too rigid. 5427.
5426 5427

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Summary: Habituation and its relation to equilibrium.
Arc arcs, must be in sheet
Summary: The system that habituates must be a flat sheet. (But see 5632) 5545, 5631
Summary: of relations between equilibria in part and equilibria in whole. 5259 (See article for refs) 5317, 5510
Cortex must be a sheet
Equilibrium reviewed
Equilibrium anatomy of cortex
5522 5523
Summary: Systems with super-fast sub-components.
Arc in sequence
Chess as double process
Thinking as cerebral process
5544 5545
Selection requires information
Summary: No general principle can be sufficient guide when selection must be done; some actual channel is also necessary. 5585
Arc selection of
Essential variables discrimination by
Feedback methods for discrimination
5548 5549
Adaptation accumulation
Arc accumulation of adaptations
Conscious mind dream of the archer
The Multistable System [120]: Accumulation of adaptations 5592.
5592 5593
Arc optimal size
Brain why large?
5622 5623
Summary: How big should an arc be? 5746
Arc why dynamic?
5624 5625
Arc bounds of
5632 5633
Arc ways of failing
5654 5655
Summary: Arcs are necessary because, for adaptation to progress cumulatively, stores are necessary to hold the information that came from the essential variables. 5746
Arc necessity for
5732 5733
Arc and habituation
Habituation and arcs
Summary: How habituation will show in a multistable system of arcs.
5738 5739
Arc essentials of arcs
DAMS Mark II (Dispersive and Multistable System) [12]: Basic necessities for an arc, or store, 5744.
5744 5745
Summary: Layout for accumulative adaptation. 5766.7, 5775
Arc ? many
5758 5759
Summary: Complexity of remembering old adaptations is independent of complexity within one adaptation.
Accumulation (of adaptations) number of variables
Cortex size of
Arc ? many
5768 5769
Summary: Layout for DAMS, and for the system that accumulates adaptations.
Arc must they interact?
5778 5779

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Summary: The elementary conditioned reflex processes only about 2 bits of information, and needs a mechanism of only that capacity. 6363
Arc optimal size
Reflex, conditioned machine for
Achondroplasia Dickens' memory
Localisation principles of
Memory principles for localisation
6352 6353

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