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Summary: What is essential in the homeostat. 3841, 3856, 4161
Basin and habitation
Habituation and basins
3836 3837
Summary: The catchment areas define a partition.
Basin as partition
Equilibrium proper definition
The Multistable System [29]: The multistable system's problem is to get its forgetting right! 3860.
Summary: Definition of 'stability'.
3860 3861
Basin and habitation
Summary: Administering a determinate impulse to an ensemble can only cause its information to fall. 3954
Basin defined
Information and d-impulse
3936 3937
Basin invariant under time
3962 3963
Basin in random field
Connexion in random field
Field (of substitution) random
3974 3975
Basin method for many
Resting state maximal number
Summary: How to get many resting states (argued without a metric).
Topology of my concepts
3978 3979
Class I.e. not to individual
Ideal (mathematical)
Information 'complete' within limits
Quotient machine and residue class
Residues (of congruences)
Summary: Residue classes in behaviour.
Basin as partition
Partition lattice theory
3996 3997
Summary: Change of direction.
Summary: Examples of a single artificial absolute system. 4486 if some states become indistinguishable.
Basin example
Transformation decimal places 3 and 4 of log10(100+x)
Summary: Note on the subjective.
4004 4005
Summary: Adaptation of essential variables, (next page) 4163
Epistemology [12]: The observer must be present to disturb the system if ultrastability is to be demonstrated 4160.
Adaptation new formulation
Basin and step-function
Step function ultrastability without step function
The Multistable System [57]: Adaptation can use either step-function or basins, 4161.
4160 4161

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Summary: Uniform activity in the parameters drives down variety in state.
Homogeneity by parameters
Society [48]: An evolving system needs long-term memories as well as short, 4374.
The Multistable System [76]: An evolving system requires long term memories as well as short, 4374.
Summary: Long-term memories.
4374 4375
Basin selection of
4406 4407
Summary: 'Equilibrium' refers to a state, 'stability' to the region around the state.
Traffic principle nature
Summary: Properties of metric-less system. 4623
Continuity as constraint
Information in stimulus
Stimulus information in
4596 4597
Summary: Practically all my concepts are non-metrical.
Canonical equations in set theory
Independence non-metric form
Null-function can be non-metric
Set or Ensemble my concepts in set-theory
Summary: Having several basins has nothing to do with being divisible into parts. Noticed again 5502
General Staff history of
Reducibility and basins
Society [58]: The German General Staff 4605.
4604 4605
Basin algebraic definition
Basin algebraic form
Summary: "Basin" defined algebraically. Better 4743
Constitution (political) need for
Society [59]: Cromwell on the necessity for a constitution, 4633.
4632 4633
Trajectory Riguet's definition
Basin algebraic definition
4742 4743

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Summary: Statistical laws in the Markov chain. 4919, 4946
Basin and 'closure'
Closure and 'basin'
Experience example
Aging (as process) and entropy
Entropy in physics
4918 4919

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Summary: The structures of space as habituation. 5289, 5313
Habituation to constraint
Space-time structure in
Unsolved problems [18]: What can be said of habituation, or of the events in experience, when the set of vectors shows constraint? 5256.
Basin model with lots
Habituation model for
5256 5257
Summary: More "self-reproducing" systems. 5797
Learning in childhood
Pain teaches in youth
Summary: Pain educates mostly in childhood.
Basin distribution of size
5262 5263
Basin distribution of size
Summary: Probability of getting a single basin. 5308
Model Rosenblueth and Wiener
5266 5267
Basin distribution of size
Machine random machine
Mapping random
Rubin and Sitgreaves' set of transformations
Trajectory distribution of length
Transformation random
5308 5309
Basin model with lots
Equilibrium randon transformation with many
Field (of substitution) cutting into small basins
Summary: How to chop up a field. 5408, 5524
Personal notes [28]: First advert of "Introduction to Cybernetics", 5319.
5318 5319

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Summary: The use of a transformation repetitively in time is a constraint, so structure becomes apparent.
Constraint and structure
Structure in determinate machinery
Basin meaning changed
Confluant (takes over from "basin")
Confluant defined
Machine random
Random machinery
5496 5497

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Atom in lattice theory
Basin multiple
Closure and 'basin'
5954 5955

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Basin and tilde operation
Kernal relation (Riguet), =Noyau
6086 6087

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