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Ross indexed the following pages under the keyword: "Brain".

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Neuron directing impulses
0072 0073
Brain 'key' atoms
Cortex control by 'key' atoms
Cortex, removal of and Lashley
Energy only shown by matter
Intelligence and Lashley
Cortex and the unconscious
Hypnosis (mesmerism)
Unconscious, the relation to conscious
0165 0166
Brain fundamental function
Function rules fundamental function rules of central nervous system
Neuron essentila function
Differentiation in development
Reactions development of reactions
0167 0168
Neuron essentila function
0177 0178
Dream at lower level
Basic pattern in cortex
Brain fundamental function
Cortex and pattern
Cortex, visual and nirvanophilia
Impulse pattern in cortex
Localisation in cortex
Modification in cortex
Reactions and environment
Reflex in melacholia
Signal reality as
Vision binocular
0205 0206

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Affect and inhibition
Brain dominance of
Inhibition and emotion
Neuron essentila function
Receptors and gradients
Heredity and function rules
0283 0284
Brain stops growing
Heredity and G [quantity of energy]
Maturity and G [quantity of energy]
Competition equations of
Cortex equipotentiality of
Energy Spearman and energy
Inhibition nature of
Localisation in cortex
0291 0292
Integration (physiological) of patterns
Brain injury and memory
Cortex, removal of and recovery
Learning in decerebrate dog
Meaning as pattern property
0331 0332
Affect like injury
Brain injury and memory
Impulse, nervous spreading of
Memory Lashley on
Memory remembering slide rule
Instinct Fambre on
Instinct in insects
0333 0334
Memory in Protozoa
Memory as organisation
Nirvanophilia Jennings on
Organisation and memory
Reactions and nirvanophilia
Reactions by trial and error
Reducibility nearly reducibility
Reflex are plastic
Amoeba as "higher" animal
Brain unnecessary
Localisation Laskley on
0341 0342

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Group (mathematical) and equilibrium
Neutral point (of equilibrium - including 'cycle', 'region' etc.) examples
Brain 'break' in
Break of organisation
Organisation break of
0885 0886
Summary: Another example of the conclusion of 1006.
Brain fundamental function
Death achieved
Neutral point (of equilibrium - including 'cycle', 'region' etc.) effect of change of parameter
Parameter and neutral point
Survival by-product
Summary: Equations are given for determining the shift in a neutral point if several parameters are altered a little. The change in each coordinate is a linear function of the changes of parameters.
Neutral point (of equilibrium - including 'cycle', 'region' etc.) examples
1023 1024
Summary: The concept of "breaks" by itself is not sufficient to cause any emergence of adaptation or intelligence. Brain, i.e. a machine of particular type, is necessary. (See 1063)
Adaptation brain necessary
Brain necessary
Intelligence brain necessary
Break in machine
Organisation in machinery, examples
Society [12]: Organisation has two complexities: number of variables and number of parameters, 0984. In man-made machines, 1054.
1053 1054
Adaptation by break
Brain essentials of
Break and adaptation
Summary: Although a general system has no tendency to survival by adaptive behaviour, yet a "brain" has. Details are given. (see 1068)
Organisation two meanings united
1063 1064

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Arc optimal size
Brain why large?
5622 5623

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Summary: Cortex - not statistical but stochastic.
Brain is stochastic
Cortex is stochastic
5986 5987
Summary: Certain concepts about a machine demand a set, which can exist only in another machine. Such concepts can hardly be used by the machine if thinking about itself.
Summary: Machine whose output is invariant for changes in the speed with which the input is sent in. There must be an intervening stage of memory.
Memory allows input speed to be irrelevant
Atom number in brain
Brain number of atoms
6042 6043
Summary: Number of atoms in the brain, and the maximal information it can store. 6179
Brain variety in
Summary: Distinguish between the qualities, in the brain, of information and of memory.
Sample space importance of
6044 6045

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