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Break Thorndike on
Break example in spirillum
Break surface example in spirillum
Delay (in substitution) cause difficulty
Survival by-product
0405 0406

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Break of organisation
Energy free energy
Organisation break of
Group (mathematical) of groups
Isomorphism and representations
0865 0866
Group (mathematical) and equilibrium
Neutral point (of equilibrium - including 'cycle', 'region' etc.) examples
Brain 'break' in
Break of organisation
Organisation break of
0885 0886
Jacobian (determinant) of machine
Break of organisation
Organisation break of
Organisation irreversible
0891 0892
Operator = machine
Organisation machine = substitution operator
Organisation specification of
Substitution (mathematical) specifies machine
Break in machine
Break surface
Neutral point (of equilibrium - including 'cycle', 'region' etc.) defined
0905 0906
Adaptation statement
Break summary
0921 0922
Organisation degree of
Organisation simultaneity of
Break example
0925 0926
Speed and central nervous system wholeness
Break and delay
Delay (in substitution)
Field (of substitution) and delay
Organisation break of
0947 0948
Break and delay
Summary: If a field should alter its organisation, and particularly its dominances and independences, reversibly when a variable exceeds a given value, we may either look on it in this way, or (preferably) we may set up new and more comprehensive field equations treating it as one constant organisation. But see 1038 for a much improved statement.
Adaptation by break
Break theory
0965 0966
Break and step-function
Break example
Organisation break of
Substitution (mathematical) break and
0991 0992
Break definition
Organisation break
Parameter and break
1001 1002
Summary: A carefully calculated field is given, with four neutral points. Useful for experimenting. (Others are on 817, 828, 839, 885, 941, 990, 1021)
Break example
Break surface interaction of
1025 1026
Summary: A much better statement is given of the idea of varying patterns of dominance etc in a system.
Summary: "Break" does not involve "irreversibility".
Break definition
Dominance varying
Reversible process breaks
1037 1038
Break equations for
1039 1040
Summary: The idea that "orderliness" or "intelligence" spreads like crystallisation is probably covered more correctly by the more precise idea that it is "reaching neutral point and stopping still" which spreads along a chain of dominance.
Break equations for
Dominance chain of
Equilibrium spread of
Organisation spread of
Step function in differential equations
1047 1048
Summary: Differential equations with step-functions are fundamentally unsolvable.
Adaptation by break
Break and adaptation
1051 1052
Summary: The concept of "breaks" by itself is not sufficient to cause any emergence of adaptation or intelligence. Brain, i.e. a machine of particular type, is necessary. (See 1063)
Adaptation brain necessary
Brain necessary
Intelligence brain necessary
Break in machine
Organisation in machinery, examples
Society [12]: Organisation has two complexities: number of variables and number of parameters, 0984. In man-made machines, 1054.
1053 1054
Summary: The idea of a system, like the brain, altering its own organisation necessarily implies the presence of step-functions and breaks.
Break to change organisation
Organisation self change = break
1057 1058
Adaptation by break
Brain essentials of
Break and adaptation
Summary: Although a general system has no tendency to survival by adaptive behaviour, yet a "brain" has. Details are given. (see 1068)
Organisation two meanings united
1063 1064
Summary: Formulae are given in the special case where one variable always moves towards some function of the other variables.
Operator special
Adaptation by break
Break and adaptation
1067 1068

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Summary: Actual equations are constructed giving the theoretical views of the nervous system in mathematical form. (See 1092)
Adaptation References
Break and change of neutral point
Equilibrium range of
Neutral point (of equilibrium - including 'cycle', 'region' etc.) choice of several
1073 1074
Summary: The question of "dominance" is still further clarified. I define "immediate", "distant" and "ultimate" dependance. Also "completed matrix of an organisation". "Dominance" (two equivalent definitions). "Parameter" is defined as "dominant and constant". It is proved that if a dominates b, and b dominates c, then a dominates c.
Break continuous approximation
Step function eqivalent continuous form
Substitution (mathematical) change to differantial equation form
1083 1084
Break example
Organisation break
1087 1088
Summary: "Reaction" is divided into "response" and "variation".
Summary: The intrinsic form of a substitution might prove interesting.
Break as variation
Conscious mind and intrinsic equations
Organisation change = variation
Organisation intrinsic equation
Reactions response ? variation
Subjective and intrinsic equations
Substitution (mathematical) intrinsic equation
Delay (in substitution) and sub-wholes
Organisation degree of
1123 1124
Summary: If an organisation stops at a field which is only partly stable this does not really matter; for if the danger of breaking is large, it will soon break and try new fields, while if the danger is small then there is little to worry about.
Break number of
Organisation number of
1139 1140

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Summary: The concept of "break" does not need that of "irreversibility".
Break reversible
Reversible process breaks
Summary: Theory has been submitted for publication for the third time.
Meanings of words in my form inhibition, reflex
1181 1182
Break mostly harmful
Organisation selection of
Selection of organisations
1255 1256
Break as path property
Field (of substitution) special types
Organisation and special fields
1261 1262

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Resting state forcing system to another resting state
Summary: A system of part-functions may be easier to change if it is built in stages of assembly.
Break effect of joining on resistance to break
3147 3148

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Summary: Any part of the brain that behaves, with a characteristic pattern will tend to send that pattern to other parts. 6137, 6143, 6248
Break becoming memory
Memory evolution of
6128 6129

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