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Cortex, sensory
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Association and affect
Behaviour controlled by thalamus
Cortex, sensory functions of
Dream and thalamus
Symbolism in dream
Instinct and thalamus
Levels relation to 3 dimentions
Reflex behaviour
Space-time and thalamus
0123 0124
Cortex gradients in
Cortex matabolism in
Cortex, motor vascularity
Cortex, sensory vascularity
Learning in Infusoria
Paramecium learning
Basic pattern and repression
Complex (Freudian) mechanism of
Dream and pattern theory
Impulse pattern and repression
Stimulus jamming the works
Symbolism and pattern theory
Unconscious, the and neurons
0155 0156
Cortex and release phenomenon
Inhibition and petit mal
Memory and effort
Mind (individual) and effort
Reactions selection of reactions
Stimulus jamming the works
Cortex, sensory and stereoscopy
Cortex, visual
Cortex, visual and stereoscopy
Essential light of retina
Fatigue of retina
Localisation in cortex
Retina fatigue
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Conscious mind
Instinct and wishes
Unconscious, the and words
Chronaxy and learning
Cortex, sensory and senglion
Instinct and habit
Memory pattern in
Pattern (in general) and memory
Sensation and senglion
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Summary: The probability that a system should have an equilibrium cannot be deduced from the probabilities of the parts being in equilibrium. The case where they combine as a product is likely to be common and important but it must be introduced as a specific postulate.
Cortex, sensory layering in
Dispersion and layering in
Summary: The layering of the cerebral cortex may be explained as required for wide distribution.
1625 1626

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Information destroyed by part function
Latent roots distribution
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [22]: DAMS must contain its information reduntantly 3419.
Cortex, sensory layering in
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [23]: DAMS' variables must be arranged in layers at its sensory input, in order not to lose information, 3420.
3419 3420

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