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Ross indexed the following pages under the keyword: "Cylindrance".

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Summary: A practical way of getting fairly long trajectories with all ending in states of equilibrium. 6485 says joins need not be invariant in time.
Homeostat Grodins' book
Servo-mechanism biological
Summary: The start of Relation and Constraint Analysis. 6467, 6473, 6476
Constraint analysis
Cylindrance introduced
6464 6465

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Axiom and cylindrance
Cylindrance introduced
Dream as re-organisation
6472 6473
Cylindrance increase with time
Dynamic system cylindrance rises
Summary: In the system that is not richly joined, the cylindrance of the set of initial and terminal states tends to increase exponentially with time. 6485, 6549
6476 6477
Cylindrance in everyday life
Summary: Examples of low cylindrance in everyday life.
6478 6479
Summary: Contractile molecules in an Amoeba can readily get coordinated for movement. 6789
Cylindrance of dynamic system
Dynamic system cylindrance rises
Input changing subsets
6484 6485
Summary: "Interaction" corresponds to the last elements removed as Cp-1R shrinks to R.
Cylindrance and adaptation
Cylindrance of machine with input
6492 6493
Cylindrance of projection
Projection cylindrance of
Summary: A set may increase in cylindrance if a variable is ignored. 6522 Generalised to n dimensions: 6531 Footnote 6502
Meaning ambiguous
6494 6495
Summary: Meaning of "meaning".
Cylindrance and union
6496 6497
Summary: If the distinction between two values of a variable is lost (and the relation re-formed by union, i.e. + and 0 counts as +), then cylindrance may increase. 6504
Cylindrance algorithm for finding
6498 6499
Cylindrance adding values
6500 6501
Summary: Effect on cylindrance of adding new values to variables (values that did not occur before in R)
Cylindrance removal of plane
6502 6503
Cylindrance of t points
6510 6511
Cylindrance composition and
6516 6517
Summary: When they are cylindrance-one sets, composition does not raise the cylindrance. 6519
Summary: Combining sets to form their product does not raise cylindrance. 6824
Cylindrance composition and
Cylindrance composition and
6518 6519
Cylindrance composition and
Cylindrance composition and
6520 6521
Cylindrance composition and
Summary: Composition (or elimination) will not raise cylindrance unless the implied projection raises it. And a proof that projection can raise it. 6826
Cylindrance composition and
6522 6523
Summary: Section will not raise cylindrance unless the implied projection raises it. And a proof that section can raise it.
Cylindrance section and
6524 6525
Summary: Cylindrance is a generalisation of reducibility.
Cylindrance and reducibility
Reducibility and cylindrance
Summary: Defeated. Not this time - see page 6531
6528 6529
Summary: There is no obvious relation between cylindrance and stability.
Cylindrance and stability
Stability and cylindrance
6530 6531

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Summary: Example showing how projection may jump the cylindrance up from 2 to any given number. Another example 6829
Summary: The theory of the determinate dynamic system leads naturally to set theory and cylindrance.
Cylindrance and determinate system
Dynamic system determinate and cylindrance
6532 6533
Summary: Estes on the permanence of many traces.
Memory permanence
Z-transform Jury's book
Cylindrance of a theorem
6542 6543
Summary: Learning by pleasure is sophisticated.
Learning pleasure versus pain
Pain simpler than pleasure
Summary: Almost all the operations used in proving theorems do not raise cylindrance.
Cylindrance of a theorem
Theorem proving, and cylindrance
6550 6551
Equilibrium coordination at
Summary: Simpler proof of Lemma.
Cylindrance an improved proof
6552 6553

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Summary: A mathematical virus.
Reproduction a mathematical virus
Virus mathematical example
Cylindrance excessive
6566 6567
Summary: Reduction of high cylindrance to low; examples. 6611
Cylindrance reduction of, example
Group (mathematical) Lie
6568 6569
Summary: Transforming sets of low cylindrance to a "simpler form". 6679
Cylindrance using low cylindrance
Fleet, problem of the
6578 6579
Summary: The classic test for "cause" becomes invalid in the complex system.
Summary: We cannot study any arbitrary relation of cylindrance higher than 270
Bremermann's limit and cylindrance
Cylindrance and Bremermann's limit
Memory on pin-table
Pin table as mapping
6584 6585
Summary: Some items that must be dealt with in an adequate theory of the Conditioned Response 6726
Cylindrance and reducibility
6610 6611

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Analysis of variance
Complexity irreducible
Factorial experiment, and uncertainty
Summary: The Fisherian factorial experiment in uncertainty analysis. 6719, 7172
Cylindrance and reducibility
6678 6679
Cylindrance definition
Summary: Forms of definition of "cylindrance".
6734 6735
Summary: Group therapy in kinematic graphs. 6811
Information axioms of
Summary: Axioms of information theory.
Cylindrance and reducibility
Explanation cylindrance of
Relation Five-fold
6770 6771
Summary: There is no such thing as the mechanism of the conditioned reflex.
Summary: Intersection cannot raise cylindrance.
Cylindrance and intersection
6818 6819
Cylindrance and transformation of space
6820 6821

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Summary: The main features of Conant's thesis.
Cylindrance of differential equation
6836 6837
Cylindrance conservation of
Transformation conserving cylindrance
6868 6869
Cylindrance of group
Group (mathematical) cylindrance of
Summary: The cylindrance of every group is 3
Summary: Cylindrance of the interaction set.
Cylindrance of interaction set
Interaction cylindrance of
6882 6883

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