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Delay (in substitution)
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Break Thorndike on
Break example in spirillum
Break surface example in spirillum
Delay (in substitution) cause difficulty
Survival by-product
0405 0406

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Adaptation sensory adaptation
Habituation organisation of
Delay (in substitution)
0939 0940
Speed and central nervous system wholeness
Break and delay
Delay (in substitution)
Field (of substitution) and delay
Organisation break of
0947 0948

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Summary: "Reaction" is divided into "response" and "variation".
Summary: The intrinsic form of a substitution might prove interesting.
Break as variation
Conscious mind and intrinsic equations
Organisation change = variation
Organisation intrinsic equation
Reactions response ? variation
Subjective and intrinsic equations
Substitution (mathematical) intrinsic equation
Delay (in substitution) and sub-wholes
Organisation degree of
1123 1124

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Delay (in substitution) defined
Delay (in substitution) independence by
2224 2225

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Bit (= binary digit) quantities in speaking etc
Homeostat new possibility
Information quantitative examples
Delay (in substitution) and oscillation
Society [30]: Oscillations in fly population and its cause, 2784.
2783 2784
Delay (in substitution) and sun-burn
The Conditioned Reflex [31]: A mechanism to be considered 2855.
Effect, law of notes on
2855 2856

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Summary: Probability of stability in an infinite machine. (3121)
Summary: Two things necessary if an infinite system is to be stable. (Cf. 3200)
Summary: Reactions to delay are difficult. (3138)
Delay (in substitution) cause difficulty
3109 3110
Summary: In an absolute system independent distributions don't stay independent.
Independence loss of statistical independence with time
Statistical mechanics density in phase
Stochastic processes differential equations
Summary: 'Delay' in a machine is only behaviour of zero amplitude.
Delay (in substitution) nature of
3137 3138

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Summary: Resting states and latent roots of complex-variable systems.
Summary: Volterra's book.
Competition equations of
Delay (in substitution) introduces memory
Memory by delay
Survival Volterra's equations
3918 3919
Chemical dynamics solution that goes blue
Delay (in substitution) solution for showing delay
Summary: A chemical dynamic system.
3998 3999
Summary: (a) Adaptations in multistable system and in Darwinian system compared
(b) What is a 'thing'?
(c) What is 'reproduction'? 4522
(d) A system is in a sense 'isolated' if the disturbances are statistically constant. Review 4137

Summary: Two points about dreams and the cortex.
Dream essential variables
Natural Selection [57]: Comparison of adaptation in multistable system with adaptation in natural selection { 4098 - 4112 }.
Summary: The difficulty of 'delay' is identical with the 'difficulty' of having too few variables.
Delay (in substitution) of number of variables
4112 4113

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Summary: On basins.
Summary: 'Delay' need not be rejected as a basic concept.
Delay (in substitution) as basic concepts
Natural Selection [76]: Evolution as progression to independance of Brownian movement, 4377.
4376 4377

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Summary: Raiffa et al. describe maths as isomorphic with real systems. 5298, 6260
Canonical equations found by Lotka
Delay (in substitution) Lotka on
Isomorphism real system and maths
5272 5273

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Delay (in substitution) and equilibrium
Equilibrium and interruption
Interruption immunity from
Summary: The environment goes much from equilibrium to equilibrium, constant on route but noisy in timing. The brain, appropriately, also goes much from equilibrium to equilibrium.
6126 6127

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