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Summary: The probability that a system should have an equilibrium cannot be deduced from the probabilities of the parts being in equilibrium. The case where they combine as a product is likely to be common and important but it must be introduced as a specific postulate.
Cortex, sensory layering in
Dispersion and layering in
Summary: The layering of the cerebral cortex may be explained as required for wide distribution.
1625 1626

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Dispersion examples
Constancy and network
Network cut up by constancies
Part-function in network
3305 3306
Summary: The animal reacts to all its surroundings. Retroactive inhibition and the theory of interaction in a Multistable System.
Dispersion control of
Multistable reserve origin demonstrated
The Multistable System [95]: Dispersion depends on 'neutral' as well as on the active variables, 3459.
Summary: Let DAMS keep moving.
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [28]: When DAMS is being demonstrated, let it be increasingly slightly disturbed, 3460.
3459 3460
Summary: Haldane's book.
Summary: Example of dispersion.
Dispersion in motor cortex
Equilibrium number of states
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [33]: Number of resting states in DAMS, 3504.
3503 3504
Summary: Getting dispersion. 3870
Dispersion to change
3601 3602
Summary: Calculations on dispersion.
The Multistable System [26]: Number of variables necessary for multi-stability, 3637.
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [49]: DAMS is too small to show multistability 3637.
Dispersion in olfactory system
3637 3638

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Summary: Habituation. 3837, 3842, 3856, 4526
Dispersion defined by information
Independence definition
Information and independence and dispersion
Essential variables possible mode of action
3824 3825
Absolute system origin of
Dispersion proved necessary
Experimenter must have dispersion
The Multistable System [94]: Dispersion proved necessary, 3851.
3850 3851
Summary: How to get the time of adaptation to be reduced by the machine automatically. (Also) An ad hoc design is equivalent to a feedback loop with selection amplifier. 4246
Coding in dispersion
Dispersion can be learnt
Selection amplifier
Summary: The diagram is more general than it looks.
Summary: Getting information from a system.
Epistemology [15]: Entropy and observation, 4245.
4244 4245

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Summary: The α-rhythm.
Dispersion and alpha rhythm
Summary: Speed of adaptation can be achieved only by trials and comparisons.
Homeostasis basic theory
Regulation basic theory
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [88]: Speed of adaptation demands trials, 4385.
4384 4385
Summary: Magnification and dispersion from the point of view of information. 4422
Summary: If information is to be conserved, linearity must be achieved everywhere.
Dispersion theory of
Linear system importance
The Multistable System [78]: Dispersion changes variety in value to variety in position. 4418.
Psychiatric applications [23]: Messages heavily contaminated with noise may be best ignored. 4419.
4418 4419

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Summary: What is necessary for the accumulation of adaptations. 5410, 5540, 5592, 5601, 5617, 5632, 5746
Dispersion proved necessary
Dispersion redundant
Redundancy in dispersion
5356 5357
Summary: Keeping things apart by giving them room to spread in is too wasteful. r things would require about r2 spaces.
Dispersion amount of overlap
The Multistable System [112]: Keeping reactions apart by giving them room to spread is costly in material and space. 5380.
5380 5381

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Dispersion random dispersion useless
Reducibility finding, while adapting
Trial and error must not change dispersion
Summary: Random dispersion will not achieve a useful degree of reducibility. 5619
5606 5607

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Summary: Example of the coordination that exists at a state of equilibrium. 6350
Accumulation (of adaptations) may demand chance localisation
Dispersion must be random (!)
Gating necessary
Localisation must be random
Memory must be random
Quotations [60]: Claude Bernard, 6165.
6164 6165

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Summary: Construction to get many compact confluents. 6347, 6362.9
Dispersion small confluents
Summary: Convergence to equilibrium in Markov chain.
Convergence (of lines of behaviour) Markov non-convergence
Equilibrium even distribution, Markov
Markov process / chain convergence (or bunching)
6344 6345

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