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Dynamic system
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Summary: Dynamic systems are, in general, fundamentally irreversible.
Dynamic system irreversible
Reversible process in dynamic system
1179 1180

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Dynamic system infinite
3107 3108

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Dynamic system game as dynamic system
Games as dynamic system
Strategy in dynamic system
The Multistable System [85]: The theory of games as a chapter in that of the multistable system. 4592.
Summary: Neumann's theory of games translated into my theory of systems. 4650
4592 4593
Summary: How a machine transforms a set of representative points in its field.
Equilibrium proper definition
Stability defined in set theory
Stable set defined
Dynamic system as a stable set
4622 4623

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Dynamic system stochastic
Machine stochastic machine
Stochastic processes in machine
Input defined
Markov process / chain the Markov machine
Output defined
Transition probability in Markov machine
4768 4769
Summary: Equilibrium of Markov chain.
Markov process / chain finding equilibrium density
Dynamic system compatible with equivalence relation
Lattice Riguer on
Machine compatible with equivalence relation
4776 4777
Compatibility machine and equivalence relation
Dynamic system "quotient" machine
Equivalence relation in machine
Homomorphism corrected
Machine quotient machine
Quotient machine by indistinguishability
Summary: Quotient machines. 4937, 5001, 5165, 5148
4778 4779
Summary: "Output to an input" is a relation of order, and may give a lattice.
Arc as partly ordered set
Cortex partly ordered arcs in
Input input to output as order
Lattice input to output lattice
Order among arcs
Output output to input, as order
Partly ordered set arcs as partly ordered set
Summary: Complex taps can be easily built by mere conjunction of many simple. 4792
Design of complex tap
Dynamic system for repetitive work
Machine for repetitive regulation
Relay design of
4788 4789
Summary: The homeostat does amplify. 4794>
Amplifier homeostat as
Homeostat amplification in
Relay design of
Summary: Designing a machine to build a machine. 4808 (top), 5070, 5072
Dynamic system dynamic system that "designs" another dynamic system
Machine designed mediately
Machine that designs machine
Epistemology [37]: Machine that builds a machine 4793.
4792 4793

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Summary: The homeostat programmed.
Summary: The dynamic cannot claim that the static is just a sub-case of it.
Dynamic system not more general than static
Static not less general than the dynamic
Summary: Design for a Brain seems to have been successful.
Personal notes [32]: Design for a Brain seems to have overwhelmed the opposition. 5693.
5692 5693

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Difference equation solved
Dynamic system difference equation solved
6175 6176

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Summary: Logical dynamics. 6455
Dynamic system logical dynamic system
6452 6453

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Cylindrance increase with time
Dynamic system cylindrance rises
Summary: In the system that is not richly joined, the cylindrance of the set of initial and terminal states tends to increase exponentially with time. 6485, 6549
6476 6477
Summary: Contractile molecules in an Amoeba can readily get coordinated for movement. 6789
Cylindrance of dynamic system
Dynamic system cylindrance rises
Input changing subsets
6484 6485

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Summary: Example showing how projection may jump the cylindrance up from 2 to any given number. Another example 6829
Summary: The theory of the determinate dynamic system leads naturally to set theory and cylindrance.
Cylindrance and determinate system
Dynamic system determinate and cylindrance
6532 6533

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Summary: Studying mechanisms that are "dynamic" demands far more information than those that are more of the "static" type.
Dynamic system information in, v. static
Information dynamic versus static systems
6906 6907

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