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Feedback amplifier
Oscillation forced
Higher geometry of fields and matrix theory [21]: Test for stability of EQUATION [x'=Ax] by complex variable theory, 2030. An example 2267.
2266 2267
Summary: Feedback.
Feedback theory
Servo-mechanism theory
Canonical equations of electric circuits
Feedback theory
Servo-mechanism theory
2316 2317

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Feedback of the simple concept
Summary: The concept of "negative feedback" is just too simple to be worth anything. (See also 2524)
2511 2512

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Summary: Nyquist's criterion is merely a convenience. Routh is fundamental
Summary: Transfer function of a single variable.
Feedback and cycle
Resting cycle implies feedback
2605 2606
Summary: Evidence that neurons learn and then "fix".
Feedback binary counter turned to decimal
Summary: An extremely simple example of feedback modifying behavior. (See 2729)
2616 2617
Summary: Goal-seeking behavior does not necessarily imply feedback. (Continued, 2643)
Feedback not necessary for goal-seeking
Conduction, nerve short circuit
Psychiatric applications [11]: Causalgia as due to vicious circle 2636.
2635 2636
Summary: Memories may perhaps float. 4155
Memory floating
Oddments [34]: Memories might 'float' 2649.
Feedback not necessary for goal-seeking
Goal without feedback
Servo-mechanism as stabiliser
2649 2650
Summary: If systems are joined by dominance, the latent roots are unmoved.
Summary: Two possible ways of proving feedback between two sub-systems. Feedback is also proved present if we can find in A a single frequency not found in A + B.
Feedback test for
2679 2680

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Arc needs no feedback
Cortex needs no feedback
Feedback not in cortex
Summary: The nervous system should not have internal feedbacks (unless for special reasons) But see 3396. Confirm 3425, 3521
3355 3356
Summary: Of the resting states, the number stable can be anything from none to all.
Feedback destroying information
Transducer in a ring
3395 3396
Summary: The conclusion is, then, that for many resting states we must have plenty of independence.
Feedback not in cortex
Independence to pattern
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [25]: Main properties of DAMS at the 20-variable size, 3425.
3424 3425
Feedback in information amplifier
Summary: Evolution and the homeostat are information-amplifiers. (3616)
3613 3614

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Summary: Three ideas.
Feedback importance of
Operator and feedback
Natural Selection [47]: Evolution is, in a sense, regenerative and unstable, 3645.
Levels involve environment
3645 3646
Summary: Behaviour of the 'clover' system.
Feedback via single wire
3880 3881
Summary: The demonstration of feedback requires three primary operations.
Diagram of immediate effects (D.I.E.) demonstration of
Feedback demonstration of
Summary: How many primary operations are required to establish the diagram of immediate effects?
4096 4097
Transformation Monograph
Epistemology [21]: Nature of knowledge and control, Review { 4348 - 4364 }
Feedback and spread of variety
Transformation Monograph
4364 4365

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Summary: Proving the existence of hidden variables.
Discrimination in feedback
Feedback discriminative
Arc active and inactive
Memory in discriminative feedback
The Multistable System [89]: In the multistable system there must be parts not activated in each reaction. 4831.
4830 4831
Discrimination is it a problem?
Feedback discriminative
Summary: The "problem" of discriminative feedback must be shown to exist in the real environment.
4834 4835
Discrimination feedback for discimination
Feedback third order
Summary: All necessary improvements to the basic ultrastable system can be had by the addition of further orders of feedback.
Chess organisation for
4962 4963
Summary: Design of a machine part by part. 5474, 5072
Triunique example
Summary: Example of triunique relation.
Feedback bit by bit
5010 5011

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Entropy zero entropy
Homeostasis as noise-correction
Noise homeostasis as anti-noise
Requisite Variety, Law of as noise-correction
Summary: Law of Requisite Variety as law for suppression of noise.
Feedback and persistance
Quantum theory and Black Box
5242 5243

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Summary: If structure is present in the (set of) inputs, it will turn up in the (set of) states induced by the law of Experience. 5437, 5322
Summary: A reason why a chess-player will automatically tend to learn quick ways of winning.
Feedback favours quick adaptation
Speed (of adaptation) factor for rapidity
The Multistable System [105]: A factor making for fast adaptation 5314.
Pleasure is less effective that pain
Success less effective
5314 5315
Summary: Train by situations so matched to the system's present ability that feedbacks of "right" or "wrong" are equally likely.
Feedback of full efficiency
Summary: There is no general machine that can be specialised, only a class of individual machines. It is the class that can be broad or narrow. 5507
Machine no general machine, only class
5340 5341
Summary: How fast information decays when passed through a number of variables at random. 5381
Summary: If a system is affected, with feedback by another, each can be regarded as a transducer with separated input and output (= conceptual uncoupling). 5428
Feedback conceptual severance
5374 5375
Diagram of immediate effects (D.I.E.) and length of trajectory
Joining and length of trajectory
Trajectory length and coupling
Feedback and length of trajectory
5392 5393
Arc must be discriminated
Discrimination must be used
Feedback must be discriminative
The Multistable System [115]: A system that accumulates adaptations must use discrimination in its distribution of corrective feedback. 5410.
Summary: A system that accumulates adaptations with appreciable success must use discrimination in its distribution of corrective feedback. 5415, 5421, 5440, 5610
5410 5411
Summary: Some systems with long cycles. No equilibrium 5455
Cycle of maximal length
Trajectory of maximal length
Arc modified later
Feedback to previous arc
5412 5413

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Summary: From essential variables to Grand Outcome, via trials. 5573, 5642
Essential variables and trials
Immediate effect equals "cause"
Trial and error and essential variables
Cause and feedback
Discrimination requires information
Feedback discriminative needs information
Immediate effect and feedback
Requisite Variety, Law of in discriminative feedback
Supplementation in discriminatative feedback
5538 5539
Summary: "Thinking things over" in a multistable system. Discriminative feedback requires mere opportunism. 5549, 5584, 5601
Discrimination requires information
Feedback discriminative needs information
5546 5547
Selection requires information
Summary: No general principle can be sufficient guide when selection must be done; some actual channel is also necessary. 5585
Arc selection of
Essential variables discrimination by
Feedback methods for discrimination
5548 5549
Summary: More on the spread of "structure".
Summary: Others are building machines with discriminative feedback. 5584
SNARK built by Minsky
Activity as information for feedback
Feedback discrimination used by SNARC
Feedback discriminination used by Farley
5556 5557
Introduction to Cybernetics reviews
The Multistable System [119]: What in the environment are the special characteristics that the multistable system is specially adapted to? 5582.
Personal notes [31]: Reviews of the "Introduction to Cybernetics". 5531, 5582, 5630, 5748.
Feedback discrimination used by MacCallum
Logic MacCallum and Smith's
5582 5583
Discrimination methods known
Feedback discrimination used by MacCallum
5608 5609

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Summary: In a lot of ways a system cannot, strictly, be "self-.....ing". 6566
Organisation self organisation, impossible
Self-awareness impossible
Set or Ensemble undefined universe
Connexion independent
Feedback long, for independence
Independence at input
Loop long, for independence
6194 6195

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Summary: To show anticipation. 6334
Anticipation machine for
Feedback getting long
Loop getting long loop
6332 6333

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Summary: Every system with feedback is equivalent to a chain of systems without feedback.
Feedback equivalent net without
6634 6635

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Summary: The linear-controlled feedback regulator does not lose information.
Error Conant's theorem
Feedback information in error-control
Coordination minimal information for
Transmission minimal, in coordination
6942 6943

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