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Hunt and stick
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Summary: Of what use is neurophysiology to me?
Summary: Drugs of addiction.
Addiction nature of
Neuron ?determinate
Summary: If the environment offers constraint, the cortex can profit.
Environment constrained
Hunt and stick optimal strategy
Strategy in adaptation
The Multistable System [88]: If the environment is not constrained, cortex can do nothing better than search at random 4649.
4648 4649

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Hunt and stick in machine
Markov process / chain producing one state
Summary: Hunt-and-stick is a more general form of stability. 4881, 5046
Equilibrium "hunt and stick" as
Hunt and stick as stability
Regulation fundamental process
4842 4843
Summary: Effects of channel capacity in joining two systems, only one of which is observed.
Epistemology [49]: As the coupling between B and A is made richer, either by increasing channel capacity or by adding immediate effects, so will what is in B affect x the sooner. 5026. DIAGRAM
Entropy during search
Hunt and stick information flow
Information during hunt and stick
Searching information flow
Selection informatiom flow
Trial and error gives information
5026 5027
Hunt and stick in logic machine
Logic machine
Strategy of trial and error
Veto in equilibria
Veto use by McCallum
Summary: McCallum and Smith also use the method of veto. 5583
Requisite Variety, Law of in set theory
5046 5047

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