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Independence picture of
Intelligence alternative to
Interaction in central nervous system
Organisation opposite to
0471 0472

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Neutral point (of equilibrium - including 'cycle', 'region' etc.) effect of change of parameter
Dominance test for
Interaction definition
Organisation irreversible
Organisation number of types of
Time reversible machine
0927 0928
Summary: (1) It is impossible to say how much one variable depends on another. (2) The meaning of "dx'i/dxk" is given. (3) The Question "Does xi depend on xk" is meaningless. (4) New form of matrix test for dominance is given. (5) Definitions given of (a) xi-t curve depends on x0k, (b) xi-t curve is independant of x0k, (c) xi dominates xk, (d) "parameter".
Summary: I have decided in future to end the Sections with a Summary. It may perhaps force rather more tidiness into the ideas and will be useful for reference.
Dependence defined
Dominance definition
Independence defined
0959 0960
Dominance test for
Independence test for
Mathematics completing system
Matrix method
Parameter test for
0961 0962
Summary: A higher level must usually change more slowly than a lower level, in order that the lower level may be given time to catch its neutral point.
Dominance and velocity
Independence and velocity
Parameter if not known
Probability of parameter
Summary: If, from a given system, we remove knowledge of a variable, we must introduce probability to replace it. (But see next paragraph)
0971 0972
Summary: The lower animals, at any rate, with their environment may be much simplified for our purpose by noting that one animal may be considered to be split into several, or many, parts, each of which has its own environment. So animal and environment = several machines, not one.
Dominance and velocity
Equilibrium of organisations
Independence and velocity
Levels mechanism of
Organisation stable
0977 0978
Summary: An organisation with n variables and m parameters has two separate complexities. Subject to conditions, m describes the number of coordinates in the space in which the neutral point moves, when m=n we have a 'transative' state.
Neutral point (of equilibrium - including 'cycle', 'region' etc.) control of
Dependence test for
Dominance test for
Independence test for
Substitution (mathematical) reducibility
0985 0986

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Dominance and velocity
Independence and velocity
Order of velocity
1193 1194
Dominance and velocity
Independence and velocity
1347 1348

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Independence monograph
1749 1750

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Summary: A dynamic system must definitely either proceed to equilibrium or to infinity.
Independence types of
Society [5]: Humorous illustration of the difficulty of getting organised spontaneously, 1896.
1895 1896

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Summary: The case of the top shoot of a tree dominating the growth of lateral shoots fits into my formulation of "dominance" quite naturally.
Independence types of
2036 2037

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Summary: In an absolute system independent distributions don't stay independent.
Independence loss of statistical independence with time
Statistical mechanics density in phase
Stochastic processes differential equations
Summary: 'Delay' in a machine is only behaviour of zero amplitude.
Delay (in substitution) nature of
3137 3138
Summary: An experiment stops when the exchange of information has reached equilibrium. (3248, 3254, 3691)
Information and experiment
Information in machines
Epistemology [5]: When does an experiment stop? 3245.
Independence and information
Information and independence
Information in machines
3245 3246
Summary: The conclusion is, then, that for many resting states we must have plenty of independence.
Feedback not in cortex
Independence to pattern
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [25]: Main properties of DAMS at the 20-variable size, 3425.
3424 3425
Summary: Joining up Essential Variables, Environment, and network. Review 3582
Arc length of
Independence testing for, in DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System)
Neuron numbers of
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [44]: Method of testing for 'illegitamate' and wandering actions, 3562.
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [45]: Number of neurone in monkey's nuclei 3562.
3561 3562

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Summary: Example of a canonical equation of nullity 2. 3799
Substitution (mathematical) example
Independence to pattern
3776 3777
Information in vector
Rank and resting state
Resting state rank around
Summary: Information, rank, equations. 3799
Experimenter testing independence
Experimenter using primary operations
Independence testing for
3788 3789
Summary: On the operation that brings the representative point to a particular initial state. 3846, 4628
Convergence (of lines of behaviour)
Independence and convergence
Independence types of
Information convergence and
Invariant three types
3792 3793
Summary: Habituation. 3837, 3842, 3856, 4526
Dispersion defined by information
Independence definition
Information and independence and dispersion
Essential variables possible mode of action
3824 3825
Independence not invariant
3982 3983

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Summary: Practically all my concepts are non-metrical.
Canonical equations in set theory
Independence non-metric form
Null-function can be non-metric
Set or Ensemble my concepts in set-theory
Summary: Having several basins has nothing to do with being divisible into parts. Noticed again 5502
General Staff history of
Reducibility and basins
Society [58]: The German General Staff 4605.
4604 4605
Summary: Coordinates and projections in relational form.
Dependence Riguet's definition
Independence Riguet's definition
4756 4757

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Homeostat theory of
Summary: "Independence" is a special case of "incomplete transmission of variety".
Independence as non-transmission of variety
Variety and independence
4882 4883
Dependence Riguet's definition
Diagram of immediate effects (D.I.E.) Riguet's formulation
Independence Riguet's definition
4992 4993

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Absolute system in history
Disintegration of society
England as absolute system
Independence of England
Isolation of England
Beginning "natural"
Initial state "natural"
5138 5139

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Summary: Rigorous form of what is implied by the operator "let it get to equilibrium before applying the next stimulus". 5994, 6084
Independence another form
5912 5913
Summary: Effect of "memory" is studied by the usual method for studying effect, but the two variables are separated in time (as well, usually, as in space)
Independence and number of equation
6070 6071

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Summary: In a lot of ways a system cannot, strictly, be "self-.....ing". 6566
Organisation self organisation, impossible
Self-awareness impossible
Set or Ensemble undefined universe
Connexion independent
Feedback long, for independence
Independence at input
Loop long, for independence
6194 6195

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Summary: Review of Waddington's "Nature of life".
Summary: Algebraic form of "the behaviour doesn't depend on variables Z".
Independence algebraic form
6442 6443

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Independence effect on Q
Interaction with an independent variable
6890 6890+01
Independence effect on Q
Interaction and independence
6976 6977

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