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Summary: If r parameters controlling a complete system are arbitrarily under our control, then we can, by controlling the parameters, force an arbitrarily selected set of r variables to behave as we chose. The detailed control can, so to speak, be transmitted through the many other variables without any loss of control!
Input control possible
Parameter degrees of freedom
Summary: Note from Eddington.
1377 1378

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Summary: Clarification of "stimulus" and some collected types. (See 2486)
Pattern (in general) as stimulus
Constraint at input
Input variety in
Reflex, conditioned fusion of parameters
2218 2219

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Input control possible
Parameter control by
3361 3362

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Summary: Rank, and control effected by parameters. 3800, 3802, 4301
Control via constants
Input control possible
Jacobian (determinant) rank and control
Parameter control by
Rank of system with part-function
3798 3799
Summary: Odd notes.
Constraint at input
Input variety in
3832 3833

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Summary: (An addendum)
Fixation Maier on
Input trasition as input
Transition probability as input
4412 4413
Black box, problem of the first considered
Input nature of
4450 4451

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Dynamic system stochastic
Machine stochastic machine
Stochastic processes in machine
Input defined
Markov process / chain the Markov machine
Output defined
Transition probability in Markov machine
4768 4769
Summary: "Output to an input" is a relation of order, and may give a lattice.
Arc as partly ordered set
Cortex partly ordered arcs in
Input input to output as order
Lattice input to output lattice
Order among arcs
Output output to input, as order
Partly ordered set arcs as partly ordered set
Summary: Complex taps can be easily built by mere conjunction of many simple. 4792
Design of complex tap
Dynamic system for repetitive work
Machine for repetitive regulation
Relay design of
4788 4789
Requisite Variety, Law of re-stated
Variety requisite
Summary: Law of Requisite Variety stated with respect to a rectangular table. Stated purely in terms of set theory 4850
Input saturation of
4846 4847
Summary: Algebraic form of "immediate effect".
Summary: How to deduce the connexions from input to variable. 5055
Diagram of immediate effects (D.I.E.) and parameters
Input deducing connexions
4994 4995

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Summary: Studying a system via one variable.
Continuity in discrete sets
Epistemology [51]: The whole system can be studied if one variable is observable; in particular, all the canonical equations can be deduced 5054.
Summary: (Comment on "continuity")
Input found by testing
5054 5055
Input and "cause"
5122 5123
Summary: The conditioned reflex, and shedding of scatter by going to an equilibrium. 5249.1, 5277.8
Equilibrium as noise-destroyer
Noise method for destroying
Experience rigorous form
Input forcing convergence
5154 5155
Summary: Kershner and Wilcox' book.
Canonical equations information in
Information in canonical equation
Input of mathematical form
Mathematics variety in
Variety in canonical representation
5160 5161
Input of mathematical form
Transducer mathematical expression as transducer
Summary: Mathematical expressions have inputs and outputs.
Summary: Black Box looks at itself and others.
The subjective [4]: Can inter-personal relations be translated into Black Box terms? Question asked by Urie Bronfenbrenner, 5169.
5168 5169
Summary: Psychological and anatomical patterns will usually be different. Cf. Introduction to Cybernetics S.6/11
Diagram of immediate effects (D.I.E.) anatomical or physiological?
Summary: Two meanings of "input".
Input two meanings
Protocol general theory of
5190 5191
Input metric in
5232 5233

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Confluant and conditioned reflex
Diffusion of pattern
Equilibrium under regular transitions
Input pattern in
Inscription defined
Isomorphism transitions and confluents
Learning without feedback
Pattern (in general) transmission of
Summary: The pattern in the confluents tends to copy the pattern in the input-transitions. Stochastic case: 5873, 5892
Anticipation automatic
Confluant and conditioned reflex
Continuity learning the structure
Dimension learning it empirically
Equilibrium under regular transitions
Prediction automatic
5844 5845
Constraint trasmission of
Input property on
Property on input
5988 5989

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Coordination in time
Directive correlation (Sommerhoff) in time
Input selection by
Property selection for
Selection by input-sequence
6138 6139

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Summary: Contractile molecules in an Amoeba can readily get coordinated for movement. 6789
Cylindrance of dynamic system
Dynamic system cylindrance rises
Input changing subsets
6484 6485

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