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Knowing means 'controlling'
3724 3725
Summary: Economic systems vary in their amounts of stabilising machinery.
Society [43]: Stabilising machinery in economic systems; free forms v. controlled forms, 4062.
Summary: The organism that 'knows' a line of behaviour is better if it knows the adjustment lines as well. Answered 4608
Knowing extent of
4062 4063
Knowing means 'controlling'
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [86]: 'Knowing' means controlling, 4292.
4292 4293

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Summary: A system can "know" by having the right values of variables or parameters. 4438
Knowing as selection of vector
Summary: When a designer makes a machine of n states and a parameter-combinations, he puts in variety of a.n.log n This is its intrinsic content. 4463, 4704
Information in machine
4428 4429
Summary: Darwin's theory and that of the multistable system are related by intersecting in a set of theorems that contains both.
Summary: How to develop the theory of "knowing".
Evolution reviewed
Knowing theory of
Natural Selection [80]: Relation between multistable systems and evolving genetic system reviewed, { 4606 - 4620 }
Natural Selection [81]: Darwinian systems and the multistable system both use some of the theorums in the theory of large systems, 4620.
The Multistable System [86]: The multistable system resembles the Darwinian because both share large numbers of common theorums in the much larger theory of systems. 4620.
4620 4621

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Summary: What is meant by "He does not know......."
Knowing and size of set
Epistemology [53]: "A does not know B's phone number" means, operationally, that if A is forced to make an attempt at calling, his action must be deternmined by some other, random, factor 5112.
Summary: With systems in general, do not look for the law; each must be studied and taken as it is found. Over a set of systems a constraint may be found. 5114.7.
Society [64]: Societies far from the atomic level are too many to give a necessary law, though a constraint may be found in practice. 5113, 5115.
5112 5113

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