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Ross indexed the following pages under the keyword: "Mapping".

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Summary: Homomorphism in machines.
Mapping joining systems
4498 4499
Mapping stimulus as
Operator stimulus as
Stimulus as application
Summary: Repetition of a well-defined stimulus simply creates a new, compound, operator, that has stable sets with new, interesting, properties. 4630, 4632
4628 4629
Mapping product mapping
Operator product operator
Stimulus compound
Summary: Stable sets of a product application. 4762
4630 4631

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Summary: Strategy of trial and error. 4844, 4949
Machine is a selector
Selection by machine
Statistic trial and error as statistic
Mapping tensor power of
4798 4799
Variety in product-machine
Summary: Every machine on states M defies "machines" on states in Mn (n=1,2,...). Only in the latter is variety bound to fall. (Its "tensor powers") 4869
Summary: "Transformation".
Disturbance repetitive disturbance
Mapping and transformation
Transformation definition of
4800 4801
Summary: The circularity of reasoning about reasoning. 4835, 4897
Mapping and implication
4816 4817
Summary: The machine of intermittent observation.
Initial state as source of variety
Summary: Initial states may appear simply as a source of variety.
Mapping and machine
Variety due to initial state
4872 4873
Summary: What is a scientific "theory"? 4948
Summary: A "machine" implies two sets and a mapping; coupling requires an extra mapping. 4932, 4952, Formal statement 5097
Machine defined finally
Mapping machine as
4876 4877

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Summary: Thoughts provoked by Savage.
Summary: The mapping of the homomorphic machine.
Homomorphism [=?µ?-1]
Mapping in homomorphic form
5217 5218

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Basin distribution of size
Machine random machine
Mapping random
Rubin and Sitgreaves' set of transformations
Trajectory distribution of length
Transformation random
5308 5309

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Constraint trasmission of
Mapping of binary relation to mapping
Pattern (in general) transmission of
Relation transission of
Summary: How a relation is transmitted by an operator.
5892 5893

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Summary: Form all mappings, and you are performing all pattern-recognitions. 6346
Mapping and pattern recognition
Vacillant of mapping
Accumulation (of adaptations) demands separate channels
6226 6227

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Coordination compound equilibria
Equilibrium list of compound equilibria
Mapping compound equilibria
Operator compound eqilibria
Summary: Equilibria and their properties. 6373, 6389
6350 6351

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Summary: The hard core of "habituation", rigorously.
Summary: Two random mappings in succession do not give a random mapping. Nor one used twice, similarly.
Mapping composition of random mapping
Random mappings
Anticipation how fast?
6396 6397

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Mapping obtaining
Summary: Getting all possible mapping electrically.
Evolution Mayr on evolution
6636 6637

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Mesa phenomenon in percolation
Network probabilistic
Step function and percolation
Mapping random
Step function "mesa" phenomenon
6638 6639
Information loss, in "mesa" phenomenon
Mapping destroying information
6642 6643
Summary: When a mapping operates (a state-determined system) either: activity goes down or internal pattering increases. 6850, 6835. Examples: 6854
Summary: Under any (one) sequence of mappings either activity decreases or internal patterning increases. 6777
Convergence (of lines of behaviour) random
Entropy rate of fall
Mapping random, convergence
6774 6775
Summary: Thinly connected nets converge faster. If... Nothing can be inferred about two being easier than three unless we add an assumption about the zeroness of higher order interactions (independence of higher order probabilities.)
Convergence (of lines of behaviour) in net
Mapping convergence in net
Network convergence in
6802 6803
Diagram of immediate effects (D.I.E.) and convergence
Mapping and D.I.E.
6804 6804+01

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