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Summary: Discriminative feedback. 4216, 4201
Model use of
Summary: Trial and error by model has advantages, if the system can achieve it.
Army models in
4196 4197
Summary: Discriminative selection in poultry. 4233, 4239
Summary: The 'essential variable' of a watch that is to undergo trial for the Kew 'A' certificate.
Kew certificate
Summary: Maths is not logical. 4539
Logic nature of "proof"
Mathematics what is a proof?
Model statistics of
Proof nature of
Statistic necessity of
4222 4223
Adaptation speeding up adaptation
Speed (of adaptation) of learning
Adaptation speeding up adaptation
Model speed of
Play speed of
Speed (of adaptation) of learning
Trial and error speed of
4250 4251
Model speed of
Summary: Play is an investment of surplus adaptation. 4271 (13), 4425
Play as investment
4268 4269

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Summary: All problems can be reduced to a canonical form. 4560, 4585
Model speed of
Society [54]: Value of using models 4555.
4552 4555
Summary: The costing accountant and the strategy of control.
Discrimination in selection
Model in accountancy
Summary: Mechanism for simultaneous adaptation. 4577, 5417
Adaptation of parts
The Multistable System [87]: Parts of multistable system can adapt simultaneously provided channel width is adequate and a disperser is provided. 4641.
4640 4641

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Basin distribution of size
Summary: Probability of getting a single basin. 5308
Model Rosenblueth and Wiener
5266 5267
Summary: Schizophrenia and noisiness.
Games mechanical
Pain patient insensitive to
Topology concepts of Welch
Mathematics as a model
Mathematics product of brain
Model theory of mathematical model
5270 5271
Summary: Finding a way of getting a matrix reducible.
Theory of nature of
Summary: What is a theory? Cf. Reprint 144
Model nature of
5298 5299

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Summary: Survival of the fittest, demonstrated in a computer. 5801, 5828, 5961
Isomorphism in mathmatical physics
Model in physics, Synge on
5798 5799
Summary: If a sequence of impulsive stimuli is constrained to certain transitions, the transitions of the representative point between equilibria tends to an isomorphic pattern. 5905 [deleted].
Model sand as model
Topology useless to me
5902 5903
Summary: Notes from Birkhoff's Hydrodynamics.
Model physics requires multiple
6006 6007
Information amount in theory
Model has two informational measures
Summary: Every theory has two informational aspects: its passive, when it is learnt or otherwise acquired; and its active, when it is used as transducer. The two qualities of information are not linked necessarily.
6010 6011

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Summary: Interactions when there are repetitions.
Interaction by copying
Model Conant's theorem
7102 7103
Summary: Informational cost of making (designing) a channel.
Model applied to Watt's govenor
7116 7117

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