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Ross indexed the following pages under the keyword: "Plasticity".

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Neutral point (of equilibrium - including 'cycle', 'region' etc.) moving
Plasticity of reaction
Reactions plasticity of
Death as an equilibrium
Instinct, sex peculiarity of
0795 0796
Energy use of
Equilibrium and self preservation
Plasticity of reaction
Environment must be "orderly"
0801 0802

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Arc to shift or not to shift
The Multistable System [113]: If a change of step-mechanism (due to corrective feedback) makes an arc change place, more space is required. If the change makes an arc change nature but not place, more time is required. 5388.
Summary: Time of adaptation can be cut down if more space is available. The distinct reactions should be sent to distinct places, any one reaction should not change its place during its training. 5410, 5415
Habituation and plasticity
Plasticity in system
Reflex, conditioned and plasticity
5388 5389
Plasticity D.I.E. (diagram of immediate effects) for plasticity
Summary: Layout necessary for a plastic transducer, of brief trajectory. 5421, 5476, 5522, 5631
5396 5397
Summary: Behaviour may be plastic in two senses: showing an effect or showing a copy. 5437
Plasticity types of
Natural Selection [86]: Genes and arcs of multistable systems regarded as similar, 5421.
The Multistable System [116]: Multistable system and gene-pattern both demand DIAGRAM 5421.
5420 5421
Summary: Reducibility in a set of trajectories, 5441, 5528, 5537, 5626
Accumulation (of adaptations) fundamental rule
Iterated systems how much iteration?
The Multistable System [117]: How should the multistable system be didvided? - So that each irreducible "Good" has its own ultrastable system. 5436.
The Multistable System [118]: Fundamental rule for the multistable system: if the major "Good" is to be obtained by the accumulation of minor "goods", then each minor good should have an ultrastable system to itself. 5436.
Experience and learning structure
Plasticity and gaining structure
Structure learning external structure
5436 5437

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