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Summary: Information in the homeostat.
Random searching
Searching random versus systematic
3744 3745

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Summary: Are there "levels" of design? 4595
Design nature of
Summary: The Black Box is a set.
Summary: Randomisation as a way of passing a message that is no message.
Black box, problem of the is a set
Random coding
Set or Ensemble Black Box as
Epistemology [28]: The Black Box is a set 4481.
Epistemology [52]: Dispersion is used by the experimenter in recording his results, 4481.
4480 4481
Summary: Two messages in a channel need not interact. 4641
Random movements giving trigonometrical equation
Summary: Emission of "cos2x + sin2x =1" randomly.
Selection quantity of
4578 4579

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Summary: Science forswears direct knowledge in favor of the indirect.
Epistemology [54]: Primary knowledge is the "raw feel". Science seeks secondary knowledge - the patterned and communicable, which consists only of higher relations among the raw data. 5282.
The subjective [6]: The primary data are in the raw feelings. Science works only in higher relations between the raw feelings, for only the higher relations are communicable. 5282.
Summary: "Statistical machine" has two widely different meanings.
Machine "random", two types
Random two meanings
Statistical mechanics two types
5282 5283

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Joining 'random'
Random coupling
Iterated systems "coupling" of
5456 5457
Summary: The use of a transformation repetitively in time is a constraint, so structure becomes apparent.
Constraint and structure
Structure in determinate machinery
Basin meaning changed
Confluant (takes over from "basin")
Confluant defined
Machine random
Random machinery
5496 5497
Summary: "Confluent" defined (as noun). 5512
Machine Markovian
Markov process / chain in machine
Summary: The theory of the determinate machine includes the practical aspects of the theory of the Markovian machine.
Joining 'random'
Random coupling
5498 5499
Summary: The whole built from random parts, by random coupling, when each part has probability πi that its state is equilibrial, does not go (if not in equilibrium) equiprobably to all states but favours those "near" itself. Summary 5524
Metric Hockett's metric
Summary: Refusal to give a machine (or state, or input-valve, or transformation, etc) a particular value corresponds to talking about a set of machines (or states, or input-values, or transformations, etc). The set has no associated probabilities, but can use the concept of "independence". 5666.7
Equilibrium probability of
Random machinery
Rubin and Sitgreaves' set of transformations is fully unspecified
Set or Ensemble and lack of specification
Specification lack of, and set
5506 5507
Orthogonality of random criteria
Random criteria
5566 5567

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Summary: Spontaneous generation of life and intelligence in analogue form. 5967, 5984
Random will not give intelligence
Rubin and Sitgreaves' set of transformations will not give life
5966 5967

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Summary: The hard core of "habituation", rigorously.
Summary: Two random mappings in succession do not give a random mapping. Nor one used twice, similarly.
Mapping composition of random mapping
Random mappings
Anticipation how fast?
6396 6397

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Helm incident
Summary: The Helm incident.
Geiger counter as randomiser
Random generator
6614 6615

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