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Ross indexed the following pages under the keyword: "Receptors".

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Adaptation essential nature of
Entropy in physiology
Levels and alcohol
Stimulus essential property of
Dominance of receptors
Neuron gradient in
Receptors and gradients
Synapse phylogeny of
Waves in nerve impulse
0151 0152
Receptors and instinct
Dream reality of
Hallucination reality of
Integration (physiological) of percepts
Mind (individual) as basis of all
Reality nature of
Sensation basis of all
Space-time as projection
0161 0162
Axon and nicotine
Impulse, nervous change of chronaxy
Receptors and chronaxy
Reflex, conditioned and chronaxy
Mathematics of psychology
Reactions and dendrons
0189 0190
Basic pattern
Cortex and sleep
Cortex, motor in sleep
Fatigue and sleep
Impulse pattern
Impulse, nervous congestion
Inhibition and sleep
Neuron and dreams
Synapse and sleep
Reactions delayed and cortex
Receptors and sleep
Stimulus and sleep
0193 0194

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Impulse, nervous bunch
Receptors and stimulus
Chronaxy time in chronaxy
Sensation and Müller's law
Space-time intensity of stimulus
0221 0222
Basic pattern mathematics of
Impulse, nervous single
Mathematics of pattern
Neuron directing impulses
Impulse, nervous frequency and synapse
Impulse, nervous single
Receptors and stimulus
Space-time and patterns
Synapse Rate of crossing
0231 0232
Impulse, nervous memory of
Neuron memory in
Reactions and memory
Conflict in neuron
Receptors and impulse frequency
Space-time continuous
Stimulus and nirvanophilia
0251 0252
Affect and inhibition
Brain dominance of
Inhibition and emotion
Neuron essentila function
Receptors and gradients
Heredity and function rules
0283 0284
Axon length and cell-size
Chronaxy Delage on
Cortex histology of
Essential light of retina
Neuron and axon length
Receptors and cocaine
Synapse and nicotine
0295 0296
Adaptation in receptors
Conduction, nerve velocity of
Impulse, nervous in sensation
Receptors in groups
Axon frequency of 'burst'
Pain impulses of
0309 0310
Conscious mind function of
Nirvanophilia and Freud on
Reflex and nirvanophilia
Sensation intensity of
Electron and intelligence
Levels consciousness as
Memory and counscious mind
Pain nature of
Pleasure nature of
Quantum theory and intelligence
Receptors Weber-Fechner law
Sensation Weber-Fechner law
Stimulus and sensation
0311 0312
Entropy ? validity of
Intelligence basic of
Nirvanophilia basis of
Inhibition in retina
Integration (physiological) extract from Creed
Receptors integration in
Retina essential light of retina
Sensation integration in
0313 0314
Axon giant in lumbricus
Impulse, nervous and conditioned reflex
Neuron giant in lumbricus
Receptors all [chemlotaclic]
Synapse giant in lumbricus
Excitation in reflex centre
Impulse, nervous single
Synapse on perikaryon
0315 0316

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Goldfish generation of impulses
Impulse, nervous spontaneous generation
Receptors distribution in skin
Sensation in skin
Coordination by symbols
Dominance in organisation
Levels and organisation
Organisation logic of its own
Symbolism in organisation
0423 0424

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Function rules fundamental function rules of central nervous system
Reactions right and wrong
Receptors and impulse frequency
Retina function of
Signal is irritant
0485 0486

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Summary: Sensory (dispersive) cortex must contain no learning mechanisms.
Cortex, visual must contain no memory
Receptors and sensory cortex must contain no learning apparatus
Chasing equation of
Coding in machine
Output as function of input
Transformation function-forming
2989 2990
Receptors information enters only via receptors
Personal notes [10]: The book written 3039.
3039 3040

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Receptors reason for multistable systems
Signal multistable system responding to
The Multistable System [24]: Multistable system responding to 'signal', 3520.
3519 3520

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Summary: Variables in the brain should be driven actively by the environment.
Receptors reason for multistable systems
3830 3831

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