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Ross indexed the following pages under the keyword: "Trajectory".

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Trajectory Riguet's definition
Basin algebraic definition
4742 4743
Summary: Riguet's "trajectory" is practically my "transient".
Trajectory Riguet's definition
4760 4761

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Differential equation stability theory of
Equilibrium Bellman on
Equilibrium complexity of
Information partial
Knowledge partial
Stability stability theory of differential equations
Summary: Bellman on 'stability'.
Trajectory stability of
4914 4915
Summary: The field, when memory is used, is not isomorphic with that found when all is observed.
Epistemology [50]: If only components in J are observable, and we know that the J-states have been, in succession, a0,a1, ... ,ak, and if the machine's mapping is S, then the machine must now be in one of the states in EXPRESSION. 5050.
Trajectory deducing others
Higher geometry of fields and matrix theory [6]: Knowledge of one form EXPRESSION for all values of 1...xºn;t is sufficient to define all the others. 5051.
5050 5051

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Basin distribution of size
Machine random machine
Mapping random
Rubin and Sitgreaves' set of transformations
Trajectory distribution of length
Transformation random
5308 5309
Diagram of immediate effects (D.I.E.) and length of trajectory
Joining and length of trajectory
Trajectory length and coupling
Feedback and length of trajectory
5392 5393
Summary: Relation between amount of coupling and length of trajectory. 5399, 5411. Summary 5524
Cycle of maximal length
Trajectory size and number of confluants
5394 5395
Equilibrium whole with 50% states equal
Summary: An indefinitely large system with half its states equilibrial, and no trajectory longer than one step. 5471.6, Opposite 5412, 5524
Trajectory short trajectory in infinite system
5408 5409
Summary: Some systems with long cycles. No equilibrium 5455
Cycle of maximal length
Trajectory of maximal length
Arc modified later
Feedback to previous arc
5412 5413
Summary: "Gaining structure" as "experience to a set of trajectories." 5552
Summary: Demonstrate the state of a system by giving a stimulus to a dominated system and see its trajectory. 5552
Demonstration of state by trajectory
State observation by trajectory
Trajectory as representing state
5438 5439

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Summary: A system as large as you please, with no trajectory exceeding three steps.
Summary: Mean length of trajectory when system has high probability of finding the next state equilibrial. 5479, 5504
Trajectory mean length
5472 5473
Equilibrium probability of
Trajectory random
Transition probability in machine of parts
5504 5505
Summary: There are two quite different "lengths of trajectory." Better "transient"
Speed (of adaptation) definition
Trajectory length, in adaptation
5614 5615

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Summary: How many parts produce this trajectory?
Part how many?
Parts how many?
Trajectory how many parts?
Summary: Proof of previous note.
6376 6377

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Equilibrium and long trajectory
Trajectory long, with equilibrium
6462 6463

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Summary: Importance of alternation of operators.
Alternation as operator
Anticipation alternation in
Habituation aternation in
Habituation conditioned reflex as
Reflex, conditioned alterations, forcing
Trajectory long, with equilibrium
Forcing a variable theorem of
Insistance theorem of
Operator forcing
Operator insistence
Polystable forcing of
6754 6755

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